W-2 Multipurpose metal craft tool set

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Product Description
1. Create ornate metal fixtures for home, garden or business
2. Make plant hangers, candelabras, wire racks and even fencing out of mild steel strip
3. Includes scroll former, bender, twister
4. Use up to 3/8" round or square bar in both scrolls former and bender and 1"X1-3/6" up to flat strip in scroll former
5. One toll shears and punches square and rectangular
6. Shear round stock too
7. 1/4" base has four 3/8" mounting holes
8. Punch capacity: 3/16" flat stock
9. Shear capacity: 1.18x0.20" rectangular stock 0.236" square or round stock

Item No.
Punch capacity
1/16" flat stock
Shear capacity rectangular stock
Shear capacity square stock
Shear capacity round stock
Scroll former Round or Square
Scroll order Flat strip
1x 1 3/6"
Packing size (in)
43"x 16" x 10 "
71 /80 lbs

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