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1.Uses approximately 1” of material

2. Adjustable auto-guides

3. All steel forming head, hardened with ground shafts

4. Steel forming rolls are case hardened using matching cut gears and needle bearings throughout

5. The Pittsburgh machine is great for making Pittsburgh joints on sheet metal.

6. These machines are typically used for HVAC ductwork to make custom ducting.

7. The picture above shows the lock forming machine with the flange attachment.

8. The flange attachment is useful for creating a flange for easier fitting of the Pittsburgh joints

Item No. 173903
Model PF16G
Capacity (mild steel)

16Ga. Max

25Ga. Min.

Speed (FPM) 24
Motor (power) 2.2kw
Packing size(in) 47x26x40

660 / 700

Standard accessories:

1. Roll form: Pittsburgh

2. Roll form: Flange attachment

3. Roll form: Right angle

4. Roll form: double seam

5. Roll form: Drive cleat

6. Roll form: Z shape