FREE SHIPPING!!! 8 Inch Throat Depth 16 Gauge SS-16 Metal Shrinker Stretcher

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Good Cutting Capacity, High Quality and Solid Construction Sheet Metal Fabrication Shrinker Stretcher
Kaka Industrial sheet metal forming shrinker stretcher is designed with a heave cast iron frame to guarantee the stability during a operation. It is been tested to worker well in a tough situation and will be lasted for years. It would be a good investment for long-term perspective. At the same time, this machine has a mild steel capacity of 16 gauge and an aluminum capacity of 14 gauge. The throat depth can reach to 8 inches, which will perform well in most work projects.

Hand Operation System & Flexibility, Easy Alignment and Space Saver
Kaka Industrial sheet metal shrinker stretcher has two sets of jaws; they are working for shrinking and stretching respectively. Detailed manual and introductory video are also available for easy alignment. It will require a hand-operated level to control the amount of shrink or stretch, which will increase the adjustability for professional users.

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Standard Accessories

Shrinker jaw, stretcher jaw and handle

Optional Accessories

Foot pedal

Replacement Stretcher Jaws:

Replacement Shrinker Jaws:

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