RBM-30HV round bending machine (220V- 60HZ-1PH)

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  1. Horizontal and vertical operation
  2. With standard foot pedal
  3. The Round bending machine features an electric three-roller-wheel structure.
  4. It has the advantage of a two-axis drive. The upper axis can be moved up and down to adjust the diameter of the processed work piece.
  5. It can conduct round bending processing for plates, T-shaped materials and so on.
  6. The round bending machine has a standard roller wheel, of which the front two types of roller wheel can be used both vertically and horizontally.
  7. The reversible pedal switch facilitates the operation.


RBM-30HV solid steel capacity is 3/4".

All the above processing capacities can be finished by one set of standard combination roller

Special roller:

We can design the rollers for you as per your special requirements. And we can make the rollers in various materials such as nylon


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