8 Inch Manual Mini Shear/brake Combination, Sheet Metal Brakes Shears Machine

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KAKA 8" Mini Shear Brake Description

Kaka Industrial 8 inches mini shear brake is a smart metalworking tool.This mini shear can fulfill multiple tasks, which include shearing, angle bending, pan forming & radius bending with continuous steps. It is also perfect for those small arts and crafts projects where a larger machine is just too big to be operated efficiently.

It has an 18 gauge aluminum maximum capacity and a 20 gauge copper/brass maximum capacity.It equips with an 8-inches bed width with 7-7/8-inches blades for the shear and brake.It also has a 90 degrees maximum bend angle for making perfect corners. 

8" Mini Shear Features

  • European-Standard Quality Ensure
  • Maximum 1" lip for Pan forming
  • Four cutting edges, upper cutter save your money to purchase the replacement ones
  • Bend and shear with one compact tool, it is perfect for countless applications.
  • Double-featured miniature machine will save your hours of tedious sheet metal fabrication and finishing

Small Tips

  • 1-Bending Prism with 2 Radius V-grooves. Simply rotate the BENDING PRISM 180° vertically to use the optional radius.

  • 2-For the purpose of protecting the machine from rust during transit, it is covered by protective coating before packed. As a reminder, denatured alcohol does a nice job of cleaning it off.

Maximum full width sheet metal thickness: 22-gauge
Aluminum: 18-gauge
Soft brass: 18-gauge
Hard copper: 20-gauge





Stock Number 171010

Working length


Max Bending thickness(in) copper/brass 

0.04 "

Max shearing thickness(in) copper/brass 


Packing size(in)





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