KAKA 7 Inch 22 Gauge Cast Iron Bead Roller Rotary Former RM-08

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KAKA Industrial RM-08 Bead Roller Rotary Former Overview

Kaka Industrial RM-08 rotary former bead roller is a manually operated 7-Inch sheet metal forming machine. It is also an ideal choice for HVAC applications.Not only can it fulfill your forming operation, but also it can provide benefits such as easy operation, high precision forming as well as work timing reduction. Furthermore,this rotary machine has 6 set of dies, which include beading, crimping, burring and ogee beads.

Are You Ready to Possess A Cast-Iron Frame, Versatility, High Efficiency Kaka Industrial Bead Roller Rotary Former?

One benefit of this bead roller is that it designs to perform multiple functions within one machine. For example, it can do beading, wiring, flanging, elbow bending, crimping and ogee beading. 

Another benefit is that it is highly efficient and easy operated with little effort. The gear drive that installs inside this rotary form can guarantee that. Additionally, it has a cast-iron frame ensures the steadiness of operation even when you try to add extra weight on it. The six sets of dies allows you to do more work with only machine. A single click you will own this great product!


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Complete with six sets standard rollers for turning, wiring, crimping, burring, and ogee Beads are all part of the package.

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