HV-6 TSL Vertical & Horizontal Rotary Table

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Diameter of table (in): φ5.9

Morse taper of the center hole: MT2

Height of center  for vertical mounting (in):3.9

Width of T-slot(in):0.472

Adjacent angle of T-slot:90"

Width of the locting key (in):0.629

Modules of worm and worm gear: 1.5

Transmission ratio of the worm gear 1:90

Graduation of the table:360°

Rotating angle of table with one revolution of the wrom:4"(1' Per graduation)

Minimum value  of vernier:10"

Indexing accuracy:80"

Max.bearing(With table Hor.)lb:220

Max.bearing(With table ver.)lb:110

N.W./G.W. 26/28 lb

Case dimensions:10X9.4X5.1 in